Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Book Book reviews CEO...

Melissa Lynn (M.L.) Horn has just been named CEO of United Chemicals Corporation, a position only previously held by men. This is big news, and journalist Pamela Green jumps at the opportunity to write M.L.'s biography. Pamela becomes M.L.'s shadow, gaining an insider's view of the corporate Men's Club, and all the while contemplating, just how did this woman make it to the top?
     William S. Foley has other plans for M.L., namely, to dethrone her from the position he felt was rightfully his. Let the backbiting and politics ensue.
     Meanwhile, Pamela is learning about corporate mergers, Wall Street, attending meetings with New York's elite, and receiving more than a few mentions that certain things are to be kept "off the record." And still, she doesn't feel she's seen the real M.L., the woman underneath the CEO title. Deep down, she must have the needs and desires common to all women, right?
     What Pamela isn't privy to, however, is that M.L. has just that. While vacationing in Largo Verde, she meets a man who frees her soft interior, and she begins to question whether or not all those years of sacrifice, of being married to her career, were worth it. She has everything--money, power, her dream job--so why does she feel that something is still missing?
     M.L. seeks the answers to these unexpected questions, and when she finds them, she realizes that success and happiness do not always go hand in hand.
     CEO is set in the final years of the 1990's, when Fortune 500 companies were still flying high on their egos, before the uncertainties that followed 9/11. Gitt does an excellent job of showing how getting what you want isn't necessarily what you want (on both sides of the coin), with a flavorful cast of characters that each bring their own angle to the core story.

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