Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Gripping feminist fiction? Don't miss the ending., November 9, 2010

By Mona G. Affinito "Mona Gustafson Affinito, Ph.D." (Chaska, Minnesota) - See all my review
This review is from: CEO (Kindle Edition)

From the beginning the story gripped me. It wasn't easy to put it down when there were other things calling me. I had two initial reactions. First, this is apparently a book about feminism, but which way will it go? The other was my appreciation that my own career had not been in the corporate halls. The very integration of characters gave the feel of pressure, and of denial of private life.

The story follows the fictional first CEO of a corporation hitherto controlled by men, observing her ability to gain and maintain control of those in roles subservient to hers, the envy and intrigue that follows. Essential to the story is the talented and potentially attractive writer authorized to write a book on the heroine, a task which gives her access to inside information both business and personal, as well as raising the questions the reader might want to ask. It is her questions that maintain the mystery surrounding the CEO herself.
The end is basically a commentary on the personal and corporate survival mechanisms of a woman maintaining power in a man's world. But I won't tell you any more. Enjoy the last pages.

My one-point down rating belongs not to the author, but to the proofreader who let quite a few things slide. Unfortunately that seems to be common in many books these days. Ah for the days of Miss Pulsifer at Bristol High School who let absolutely nothing get past her.

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